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8 articles avec chanteurs etrangers

Harry Nilsson

Publié le par Aneth


Album 1967 : The monkees demos


Album 1968: Aerial Ballet


Don't leave me

Little cowboy


Everbody's talkin'

I said goodbye to me

Little cowboy (version 2)


The waiting of the willow

Miss butter's lament

Album 1969 : Harry


Open your window

Mother nature's son

City life

Mournin' glory story


Marchin' down Broadway

Mister Bojangles

Simon Smith and tthe amazing dancing bear


Wasting my time

Album 1971 : The point ! (dessin animé)


Album 1971 : Nilsson Schmilsson


Gotta get up

Driving along

Early in the morning

The moonbeam song

Without you

Let the good times roll

How can I be sure of you

Old forgotten soldier

Ecrite avec John Lennon et reprise dans l'album Pussy cats

Album 1972 : Son of Schmilsson


Take 54


Turn on your radio

You're breakin' my heart


The lottery song

The most beautiful world in the world

What's your sign?

Daybreak suivie de It had to be you

Album 1973 : A little touch of Schmilsson in the night


Lullaby in ragtime

What'll I do

Nevertheless (I'm in love with you)

As time goes by

Album 1974 : Pussy cats (en partie des reprises de chansons de J. Lennon)


Album 1975 : Duit on mon dei


Album 1976 : Sandman


Album 1976 : That's the way it is


Album 1977 : Knnillsson


Album 1980 : Flash Harry


Billy Joël

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Peter Gabriel

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Stevie Wonder

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Steve Hackett

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A Doll That's Made In Japan (album Till We Have Faces 1984)

Duel (album Till We Have Faces 1984)


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Albums complets

David Bowie

Publié le par Aneth


Space Oddity, 1969

De l'album "Hunky Dory", 1971

De l'album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Marsalbum Ziggy Stardust", 1972

De l'album "Aladdin Sane", 1973

De l'album "Pin Ups", 1973

De l'album "Diamond Dogs", 1974

De l'album "Youg Americans", 1975

De l'album "Station to Station", 1976

Heroes (1977)

De l'album "Scary Monster", 1980

De l'album "Let's Dance", 1983

De l'album "Tonight", 1984

De l'album "Black Tie White Noise", 1993

De l'album "Earthling", 1997